What is a Production Agency And What Do They Do?

The modern arts and entertainment industry cannot do without the vibrant production agencies in existence today. Production agencies are central to all the arts and entertainment projects and play vital roles in ensuring these projects get completed.

They are usually run by a director or a producer, but sometimes a career executive will be tasked with their management. Entertainment projects involving these agencies include movies, performing arts, television, radio, plays and video production among others. The benefits of production agencies cannot be underestimated as shown from the roles they play and the advantages they offer to not only the production team but the entire entertainment industry.


In many instances, the production agency will directly undertake the responsibility of raising funds for the entire production. This eases the pressure on the production team. The agency may accomplish this task of fundraising through their parent company, a partner or a private investor.

Provision of Physical Grounds and Production Materials

Production agencies provide the physical grounds within which the making of these entertainment projects can be done. It’s at the production agency’s grounds that film, play or movie director will undertake a major part of the production.

Various tools, equipment, materials and other resources required for production are also made available to the director and producer by the agency. This reduces the need to move from place to place in search of vital production tools. In addition to convenience, the centralizing of the required materials by the agency ensures a smooth running of the production process.

Budgeting and Scheduling

Budgeting for the entire production process is normally assigned to the production agency. The total funds required for successful completion of the project is determined by the company’s director and measures undertaken to secure the funds. Moreover, scheduling of the different project tasks forms an essential part of the agency’s responsibility.

The different scenes required, performance acts, action stunts to be featured, materials required and the locations were chosen for various parts of the project among other activities are well thought and arranged for by the agency in advance.

Agencies also offer a grand advantage to the entertainment project by carrying out detailed editing and improvements on the scripts. With a professional in house arts and entertainment directors, producers, scriptwriters, designers, editors and screenwriters, the agency ensures the script aptly fits the envisioned art project. By playing these roles, the production agency ensures the production process is well planned beforehand for smooth running.

Hiring and Organisation of Staff and Talents

It’s the production agency’s responsibility to hire the best available technical staff and talent for the entertainment project. The production agency has to conduct careful research on the required personnel and involved acting crews prior to the hiring process ensuring that no gaps remain. The hiring of the film or television crew guarantees the rest of the production team with time on their hands to focus on other areas of the entertainment project in the pre-production period.


Marketing of any product is critical and influences the reception it will create among consumers and eventual earnings. Entertainment projects are not exempted from this. Marketing of the entertainment productions is another feather in the hat worn by the production agency.

Before the movie hits the cinema halls and theatres around the globe, the production agency ensures it is advertised through various media to the global audience. This includes releasing movie trailers on various online video sites such as youtube and sharing information on social media sites. The benefits of involving the production agency in the marketing of any entertainment project are paramount to a successful reception and increase in its earning.


In the post-production period, the agency would enlist the services of a renowned distributor in accomplishing this mission. Some agencies choose to carry out the task but most outsource this essential service. Production agencies wear many hats to effectively ensure the promotion of their specific projects and the general growth of the entertainment industry.

Production agencies are valued and ranked according to the amount of funding they own from their past production ventures. Moreover, the productions they have been involved in together with the ones they complete successfully are critical in their ranking. Major production agencies are those considered to have amassed major amounts of financial support from earnings, private investors or studio investors and been involved in the production of big-budget entertainment projects.
The entire entertainment industry greatly benefits from these major production agencies. Their contributions cannot be taken lightly but greatly esteemed and supported to carry on with their vital operations within this mega-industry.

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