Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone : Great Headphone For Listening Music

Beats have definitely given us something to rave about with these new wireless in-ear headphones. Designed for simultaneous flexibility and comfort, these headphones are perfect for anything from working out to lounging on the beach. Athlete or not, these headphones are some of the best headphones in the UK 2020 in the line. Beats has outdone themselves with this addition to the line. Check out some of the things that we love about this product.


These headphones can handle intensity for sure. They are made to be durable and flexible, and they feature water resistance and a tangle-free wrap around chord that ensures security while these Beats are in use. The wrap around chord features a RemoteTalk controller to easily change the song, adjust the volume, and answer or make calls without ever having to adjust or take off your headphones. As an athlete, the flexible ear hook is perfect for me. I really enjoy the way it moves with me as I go wherever I go. The lightweight feel adds to the comfort factor. The design is definitely the highlighting factor for these headphones.


With these wireless headphones, you’re able to separate up to 30 feet from your Bluetooth device and still maintain the connection. I’ve noticed that as long as my phone is in my pocket, I’m okay. However, I’m unable to really distance myself and maintain the connection with the headphones. For example, if I leave my phone on the adjacent machine while working out and move to the next one, I notice fuzziness in my music. Battery life is awesome with this set. Though the advertised lifetime of each charge is over 6 hours, I’m able to get 4-5 hours between charges. Obviously, this will depend on how much you use your Beats within the charging periods.

As previously mentioned, these headphones are water-resistant meaning that sweat is never a problem. I have been able to take these headphones to the beach and even on the boat without a single problem with the connection or later usage. Some users seemed to have problems with the moisture barrier but I haven’t noticed any such issues since I’ve had my Beats.


Though these headphones are truly a great product, I have struggled with the adjustable sizing. I am able to adjust and maneuver them for a long period of time and finally find just the right sizing. However, if I move too much or place them down, they lose their setting and I’m back to figuring out the best way to adjust them. I would think that something made for comfort was more durable within the adjustable settings, but I seem to have been proven wrong.

In the Package:

When purchasing this product, you receive the set of wireless on-ear headphones, the RemoteTalk cable that is synched to the wrap-around securing chord, hard shell carrying case, USB cable and managing clip, and instruction guide. Though I haven’t had much more luck with using the carrying case to secure the adjustable comfort settings, perhaps this is a solution to the problem I’ve had. Another tip: be sure that you keep your instruction guide. I use the headphones on two separate devices. On the first, I had no problem setting the headphones up and listening to music. However, on the second device, I really had difficulty setting it up without using the instruction guide.


The headphones have so many good qualities that the bad are outweighed by far. I love the moisture barrier that resists sweat and water so that I’m able to use while working out, walking in the rain, or just out and about in town. I appreciate the flexibility, though I’ve had difficulty maintain flexibility settings after I adjust them to suit me. The security chord that wraps around the back of my neck works so well. These headphones are a huge stride for the future of Beats. I would highly recommend purchasing this product to anyone who needs a durable, flexible, sturdy pair of headphones – especially to those who would prefer to use wireless and sync to Bluetooth.

  • Water resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Tangle free chord
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Adjustable size

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