Never Heard Classical Music till I Played and Instrument

In my house there was no interest in classical music, but things were not so dark there were two records of my father one Yma Sumac whose husband Mosies Vivanco composed the orchestra settings for her., there was another one Michel Legrand and I would listen to it often before I went to sleep. I got into playing music in Los Angeles California and I wanted to play sax but there was none to speak of for rent, so I settled for clarinet.

When I came back here to south Florida I played bass and alto clarinet in an orchestra that played classical music, not a marching band. I got very interested in classical so naturally was taken by the violin family of instruments, and it was natural in that school, thank goodness that one could be a cellist and a bassoon player. There was a girl who played tenor saxophone and flugelhorn and cello and guitar, even piano! There was nobody that could afford a cello but the school had all the strings and oboe wasn’t popular so there were two available, no sax of course. It so happens that I bought a violin and sax a year apart in my senior year before leaving to college.

The teacher in 7th grade had a stereo turntable and radio and that is how I first heard classical which was amazing and it wasn’t one of these stations that only played the hits but they covered whole symphonies of Beethoven in the mornings, they were not afraid of playing whole piano sonatas. It was a prosperous station that lasted for many years.

I was also lucky that I worked in classical departments of audio music starting at 14 to 18 then at 24 again now with everyone downloading that never happens. It was fun ordering all recordings I wanted to have for the store or maybe myself and the videos stores but that went down too.

After the internet came even in the 90’s the stations appeared and disappeared until recently they are totally gone. The last classical station they sold it for 22 million dollars to a Christian fundamentalist broadcasting, wish them well. It was nice hearing the modern English composers they played rarely in the morning and Name that Tune a classical piano quiz they had in the afternoon when I was returning from college, in the evening they had Great Performances and on Saturdays Live from the Met, all gone now, but not the net were I enjoy it greatly and choose what I want to hear.

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