iTunes Tips – Organisation Tips, Parental Controls and More

iTunes Tips – Organisation Tips, Parental Controls and More

Follow these simple iTunes tips to better organise your iTunes library, find the songs you want or protect your child with parental controls.

iTunes is developed by Apple and allows users to organise their audio and video files on their computer and iOS device. iTunes is also connected with the iTunes Store which allows you to purchase music, videos, TV shows, games, podcasts, movies and much more.

The platform is constantly being developed and improved with new updates coming out on a regular basis to squash bugs or provide additional features.

Use the simple iTunes tips on this page to get more out of your iTunes experience.

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a popular media player and library that was developed by Apple originally for the Mac and eventually made its way to the Windows platform. iTunes is also used to connect and sync your iOS devices to a computer.

The iTunes Store is also an important aspect of iTunes which allows users to purchase a variety of music, tv shows, podcasts and even movies to store on their computer or iOS device.

iTunes is now widely used as a media player and library management system which came about partly due to the popularity of iOS devices.

iTunes Tips – Use Smart Playlists

Ever wanted to listen to a mixture of music or just your latest favourite songs but can’t be bothered creating a playlist? By using smart playlists you can easily create fun playlists that you want to listen to.

To access smart playlists access the ‘Playlists‘ tab of iTunes and click the plus symbol located at the bottom left-hand side of the page, then select ‘New Smart Playlist‘. From here you can setup a smart playlist using a variety of parameters and settings (as shown above).

You can add as many (or as few) artists as you want and also base your playlists on excluding certain items.

iTunes Tips – Sound Check

Ever been listening to your music only to have a really loud song come on and burst your ears? iTunes already has an inbuilt sound check to balance out loud and quiet songs. From this menu you can also crossfade your songs to prevent periods of silence while you are enjoying your music collection.

To reach the menu shown above simply select Edit > Preferences and choose the Playback tab.

iTunes Tips – Parental Controls

Worried about what your child might buy or download from the iTunes store? Using the built-in parental controls you can easily restrict areas of iTunes and even disable the iTunes store entirely.

Once you’ve set your desired options you can then lock the options allowing them to be only changed on an administrator account (or by entering the password).

To reach the menu above simply select Edit > Preferences and choose the Parental tab.

iTunes Tips – Use the Best Networking Hardwares to Stream Musics

To enjoy all of iTunes features perfectly, of course, you need additional hardwares, for example, wireless router, cable modem, and wireless access points. All of these devices can help you stream music where with the best devices, you won’t feel the lag when enjoying music online, you can even download easily and quickly.


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