How To Make Money Online With Music

Starting Off

Making money online always seems a scam to everybody: well, I can tell you it’s not. You can definitely make some bucks on the web if you know the right strategies, first of which is commitment. Never underestimate an hour or two more in front of your laptop, because they may really help your new business.

I will write about some of the most profitable services that I found online for fellow musicians – whatever your genre or musical tendencies are, this will eventually work.

The Gear

Before starting off with the list, I would really like to point out some fundamentals that every freelancer working with music on the web has to know.

Singers: get a decent mic and an audio interface! This way you can deliver to your clients clean and fresh vocal recordings. Doesn’t matter what DAW you’re using – Audacity is free and good for singers – because you won’t do any particular edits on your vocals: usually, customers need raw recordings so that they can charge experts to do that.

Musicians: if you’re a guitarist, you just need your guitar and an audio interface. The DAW here is more important, since you may be using plug-ins to emulate amplifier effects. Otherwise, you can always connect your amp to the audio interface instead of your guitar, and that’s it – you can go on recording with Audacity. Pianists, drummers, horn players, go to the singers section, because you need their same gear to make great recordings of your instruments.

Producers: make sure to have a great computer, a DAW and some monitor speakers. And with “great computer” I mean one with the biggest capacity of RAM, a decent hard-disk (SSDs are amazingly fast, but a bit more expensive) and a fast CPU. For the DAW, everyone is good, you just need to get used to it. Pick one and start working with it: eventually, you’ll now it better than the palm of your own hand. Monitor speakers are good if you plan to do some mixing and mastering for your beats. I really recommend Yamaha’s speakers (I own the HS8 and they’re great!), but be sure to look at some cheaper products if your budget is not so high.

The Services

So, if you have the right gear, and, then, you can definitely produce high-quality products, you’re ready to put your music on the market.

Here are my favorite ways to make some money out of your music!

Upwork, Freelancer, Elance

These three websites offer platforms for you to look for music jobs. You just sign in, search for something in your area of competence and get to work!


  1. Quickly find jobs of various types (record some guitar lines, sing/write lyrics, compose a beat)
  2. Work with industry professionals
  3. Receive pretty high rewards


  1. Usually, there is a lot of competition
  2. You need to have a good portfolio to be considered


Fiverr is a service that allows you to publish your own gig (service). The greatest difference with the services above is that you decide what you want to offer, and customers look for your business. Your standard reward is 5$ (of which you only keep 4, because 1$ goes to the site webmasters), but you can add some extras and charge your customer 5, 10 or 20 bucks more for something particular that’s not included in the basic gig.


  1. Gigs are very simple to set up
  2. You can set up a number of gigs to make more money


  1. Competition is pretty high!
  2. Rewards aren’t very high (standard one is 5$, of which you only keep 4)

Soundclick, Rocbattle, MyFlashStore

These are services where you can sell your beats (sorry musicians and singers, this is pretty much only for producers).


  1. Create your own customized page
  2. Earn a lot with different licenses for your beat (standard, premium, exclusive…)


  1. Pretty difficult to get noticed due to high competition


If you like writing, you can make some tutorials about the usage of DAWs, songwriting, singing and much more about music on the music section of Tuts+.


  1. Great pay – from 100$ to 150$ per article!


  1. You need to be accepted into their program sending samples of your writing skills, so you really should have that passion for it!

In conclusion

These are some of the web services I found most profitable for singers, producers, and musicians these days. I bet there are many more, but I believe this one will keep you busy for a little while. It’s very simple to sign up to each of them and start working (except, perhaps, Tuts+, for which you have to wait for an acceptance email).

How do I get noticed with so much competition? Great question! SHARE, SHARE, and SHARE! This is one great method to get more customers to approach your portal, and I can tell you it works.

So now… get to work!

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