Buying Compressor Pedals for Your Guitar

Compression is crucial to sound recording and live sound mixing, but many musicians don’t understand exactly what it does. Compression is simple in theory but can be complex and subtle in practice.

A compressor reduces the dynamic range of sounds that pass through it. That sounds complicated, but it isn’t. “Dynamic range” is just the distance between the loudest and the quietest sounds in a recording or performance. Compression reduces this range by reducing the gain on sounds louder than some threshold, and/or increasing the gain on sounds quieter than some threshold.

In compressors designed for studio use, the user has detailed control over the low and high thresholds. In stompbox compressor sustainers, there is usually a single knob that controls both low and high thresholds.

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Sennheiser RS110 – Comfortable Headphone For Listening to Your Favorite Music.

There are many headphones that you can find on the market. Different products may have different features and advantages for you. Sennheiser RS110 Wireless Headphones is a great product for you who are looking for the best headphones units. It can give you a unique experience when using this product. This product is very popular among most users because it offers many great features for all users. Here is some good information that you need to know about this product.


There are many great features that you can find in this product. It becomes very popular among most users because of these features. Here are some features offered by this unit.

a. Wireless system

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Karaoke After Cooking : How To Prepare For And Enjoy This Activity

A large number of individuals will sing or at least watch someone else sing karaoke at some point. While the popularity of karaoke ebbs and flows depending on other factors, it remains a popular pastime for many. Even if you don’t want to or cannot make it to the bar regularly for karaoke, a karaoke contest may be an ideal way to maximize your enjoyment of listening to people sing karaoke.

In past years I sang karaoke at least once a month in the house, After I felt bored at home, cooking with various kitchen utensils, pans, pans to mini microwaves that I bought through by a recommendation at, I felt I had to find entertainment for myself, by singing. Not surprisingly, after spending numerous evenings singing and listening to karaoke, I learned a thing or two about how to best approach this activity. Knowing a few hints–such as looking at a song’s lyrics at home before singing the song at karaoke–helped increase my enjoyment of this pastime greatly.

The first is to realize that you are not expected to sound like a famous singer when you perform. Most audiences listening to karaoke are forgiving and encouraging, and this atmosphere makes it easier to attempt new and challenging song choices.

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Advice For Your First Time At A Music Festival

Your Phone Will Not Work

Think of it as more of a really expensive camera and a flashlight for the weekend, because you will not have service. Even if you do..whoever you’re trying to get in touch will probably won’t.
This is is why you will see people carrying around “totems” (long sticks that hold a balloon or stuffed animal or another strange object in the air for their friends to recognize and find their group should they be separated.)

Tip: You should plan a system with your group for finding each other. Make an emergency meeting spot for anyone who gets lost, brings walkie talkies, makes your own totem, uses the buddy system. Just make sure there is a plan in place.. Nothing is worse than missing out on one of your favorite artists because you’re off looking for a wandering pack member.

“Drink Lots Of Water” Is Not Just A Suggestion

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How To Make Money Online With Music

Starting Off

Making money online always seems a scam to everybody: well, I can tell you it’s not. You can definitely make some bucks on the web if you know the right strategies, first of which is commitment. Never underestimate an hour or two more in front of your laptop, because they may really help your new business.

I will write about some of the most profitable services that I found online for fellow musicians – whatever your genre or musical tendencies are, this will eventually work.

The Gear

Before starting off with the list, I would really like to point out some fundamentals that every freelancer working with music on the web has to know.

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iTunes Tips – Organisation Tips, Parental Controls and More

iTunes Tips – Organisation Tips, Parental Controls and More

Follow these simple iTunes tips to better organise your iTunes library, find the songs you want or protect your child with parental controls.

iTunes is developed by Apple and allows users to organise their audio and video files on their computer and iOS device. iTunes is also connected with the iTunes Store which allows you to purchase music, videos, TV shows, games, podcasts, movies and much more.

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Save More on Budget to Promote Concert Schedule?? Get A Poster Printer!

There have probably been a few instances in your job where you wish that you could just print out a certain chart, graph or presentation larger than what your printer could produce. This is where the poster printer comes into play. Poster printers are pretty much like they sound. This poster size printer can print oversized projects for you with easy.

And the great thing about the poster printer is that you have a few options that can really enhance the whole experience. Organizers of concerts, promoting artist concerts or publishing concert schedules from a band certainly need this type of printer.

Most of the poster printers you will find are of the color poster printer type. Most people are going to want their project in color. A poster printer can be likened to a regular printer only it is in a larger format. The poster printer has a scanner built-in so that you can copy and resize the scanned image and then print from that scanned in image. You also have the option of connected your poster printer up to your computer.

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Is Learning Guitar Hard?? No, It’s Easy If You Know How!

Hi, thanks for stopping by my article here. I was looking at some popular questions that people wanted answers to online, and I found that people are interested to know about Beginners Guitar learning. People want to know – before they start learning – how hard it will be.

It seems that there are a lot of schools of thought on this. None of them are completely right, and none are completely wrong.

As a music teacher who sees people learn every day (usually 7 days a week), I will give my thoughts on this, and try to tie together all the different opinions on it – so that – if you’re learning guitar as a beginner, you will get the very best idea of what you’re going to expect!

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